RNHA New Mexico is pleased to announce we will be hosting our first ever 2022 Republican Gubernatorial Town Hall. Time and Location to be released soon.

Who Are The Candidates?

At RNHA NEW MEXICO we feel it is important to know who your candidates are and what districts they represent. But what is more important is knowing how and where to vote. If you have recently moved, or are interested in registering as a Republican, you can do so here (what’s my voter status) Below this image is also a link to an excel form of all Republican candidates running in the 2021 Municipal elections. It is important to remember these important names in order for us to take or state back. Please review the link below.

Please click here to view the full list of the 2021 Municipal Candidates.

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of the RNHA of New Mexico State is to increase Hispanic-Americans participation in electoral politics at all levels as well as boost Hispanic-Americans membership in the Republican Party. Furthermore, the RNHA-NM seeks to promote the philosophy and political ideology of the Party within the Hispanic-American community. Finally, the RNHA-NM desires to create and sustain an association of Hispanic-Americans Republican leaders.

New Mexico On the Issues

WE BELIEVE IN: God, Family, and Country. The protection of the United States Constitution written from Judeo-Christian principles. The constitution as the supreme law of the land. Protecting the 1st Amendment and Religious freedom. Protecting the 2nd Amendment. U.S./Israeli alliance.

Help with Your Donations

RNHA-NM is part of the largest Republican Conservative Hispanic Outreach in the United States dedicated to informing Hispanics about the leftist agenda & the need to stand for Conservatism following our ultimate values of God, Family, and Country. Your donations will help us continue to inform the Latino community as we lead them to vote for their Conservative Values.