Who We Are & Why You Need to Join us

Together we can transform New Mexico and stop over 80 years of poor Democrat legislation.

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is an American political organization founded in 1967 which seeks to promote Hispanic-American issues and interests within the Republican Party, and the Party’s interests and candidates within the Hispanic-American population. The group is partially an outgrowth of the Spanish Speaking Advisory Committee of the Republican National Committee, which itself was created as a response to successful efforts to attract Hispanic-American voters to the Republican party, however, we are not affiliated with the Republican Party. We have successfully launched in New Mexico in July of 2021 as the New Mexico Chapter to RNHA.

We will be engaging with the Hispanic communities throughout the state, from Las Cruces to Taos, from Tucumcari to Gallup, and stopping to hear the voices and concerns of our friends at every tribe on the way. This is a movement about all of us not. Not one party, not one race, not one religion. We are a non-denominational organization.

Join us as we work to register more voters, give citizens a stronger voice, and push our legislators to do what is right for our state, and start making some positive change for all New Mexicans. Click the link below to sign up and become a member now.